About us...

NestEgg Who?

NestEgg was founded by me, Adam Daniel,, a British Crypto Owner living in Barcelona, Spain.


In 2017 I put together my first Crypto Inheritance Plan. I remember thinking at the time that it had been a time consuming and difficult task.



As it happens, due to the way I’d documented my plan and involved other people, the most difficult thing was keeping the plan updated. So I made another plan, that was an improvement but not ideal, so I made yet another plan.

At that point I looked around for software solutions that could help. In 2017 most Crypto Inheritance solutions were ICOs with no product and just a white paper. 


Some solutions asked me to put my Cryptos into their Escrow Wallets where they controlled my Private Keys. Others asked for me to write down my Private Keys in their software system .  Needless to say I didn’t do either.

I thought there had to be a better way to solve this problem. So in 2018 we began work on what has become NestEgg.




If you want to know more please check the Q&A on our homepage or send me an email directly via the Contact Page.