Our Guarantee

In Plain English

If you do not use the NestEgg service after payment then you can cancel and receive a 100% refund.

If you do not complete and go live with your NestEgg Crypto Inheritance Plan then you can cancel and receive a 100% refund at any time after payment. No matter how long you wait to request your refund.

How to request a Refund.

FIAT & Crypto Currency Refunds please log into NestEgg and create a ‘Refund’ support ticket from the Left Hand help menu or by using the Support ChatBot.


FIAT Refunds Only, you can also contact us on the email address connected with the Payment and we will ONLY refund you via the same payment method you made the original purchase with.

If you have used the NestEgg service then you will receive 100% of your unspent account balance.

If you did complete your NestEgg Crypto Inheritance Plan and you have been using our Service then we will refund you 100% of your remaining account balance.

For Example. You pay $70 for a One Year Subscription. You use NestEgg for Two Months (at $5 a month). In this scenario we will refund you $60 USD. Any partial month will count as a full month.

We do not refund Ether Gas Costs.

Please note there will also be Ethereum Transaction Fee (GAS) costs on your account. These costs come out of your account every time you update your Plan which is held on a Ethereum Smart Contract. We do not refund these costs. 

How are refunds made?

Cryptocurrency Refunds are made in the same Cryptocurrency as payment was made and are sent to the same Wallet address. No Exceptions. Due to Crypto Price volatility we will return the US Dollar value of the Payment in Cryptocurrency. This may be more or less actual Cryptocurrency than than the original payment.

FIAT Currency Refunds
 are made via the original payment method under the applicable processes controlled by the payment processor in question (e.g. Paypal, Stripe etc).