Matthew Mellon’s Family lost $500m in Crypto when he died. Could your family find yours?

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If you were not here tomorrow, would your Cryptos sit forgotten on a Blockchain forever?

Matthew Mellon invested in Ripple (XRP) very early. An investment that eventually earned him a One Billion Dollar profit. Making him one of Crypto’s Top-Ten richest Investors. In 2018 Matthew died unexpectedly. He died without leaving clear instructions how his Family could access the remaining $500 Million he still owned in XRP. 


Whilst most of us do not have $500 Million stashed away in Crypto Coins what we do have is worth protecting, even if it is quite a modest amount today. After all those Cryptos may be worth considerably more in the years to come. It’s common sense that all Crypto Investors should have a “Crypto Inheritance Plan”.

What is a Crypto Inheritance Plan?

A Crypto Inheritance Plan is a set of instructions and information that enables your loved ones to access your assets, in the event of your passing. It is not a mechanism to actually transfer your Cryptos. Instead it helps your loved ones find and access your Cryptos themselves, in a safe and legal way.


Although the need for such planning is undeniable, making a plan isn’t easy. There are so many details and risks to consider.  It can be an overwhelming task. Which is why we developed NestEgg.

What is NestEgg?

NestEgg is really two things.


1) It is a FREE online course designed to help you build your first Crypto Inheritance Plan in just a few hours.


2) It is an Online Application designed to help you easily administer and update your Crypto Inheritance Plan. It does this using anonymous user accounts whose details are encrypted and saved into decentralised storage (using the Filecoin Storage system).  

The big difference between other Crypto Inheritance Applications and NestEgg is that we do not ask you to save Password or Private keys in our App. The NestEgg App is an admin tool designed  to speed up and simplify the Inheritance Planning process. We never ask you to trust us with your sensitive information, we feel that details such as Passwords and Private Keys should ALWAYS stay with you.

The NestEgg Free Online Course

The NestEgg course will be online in Q2 2020 shortly followed by the NestEgg application.

The course is free and contains everything you need to build a Crypto Inheritance Plan. You do not HAVE to use the NestEgg application, but you can if you feel it makes sense for you.

Please put your email address into the NewsLetter signup form in the footer of our website and we will email you when our course goes live.

Thanks for your time and we hope to see you on the course very soon.





DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article should be considered as legal advice. This article and all others on are informational and are provided without warranty or guarantees.In the NestEgg e-course we discuss where relevant legal-advice can assist you in building your Crypto Inheritance Plan.

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