Make sure your Family can
access your Cryptocurrency
should you pass away unexpectedly.

NestEgg runs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Using NestEgg you build an anonymous, encrypted Crypto Inventory.
This is saved on your own, dedicated Ethereum Smart Contract, along with messages and instructions for your Loved-Ones.

NestEgg emails you routinely to check all is well.

If you stop responding then your Inventory & Instructions are sent to your Loved-Ones.
You decide how often NestEgg emails you and you decide how long we wait before declaring you 'unresponsive'.

You don't put any Passwords or Private keys into NestEgg.

NestEgg is not an Escrow service, we never touch or control your Cryptos.
Your Loved-Ones can even access your Smart Contract independently of NestEgg, we don't even need to be online (coming soon).

How does NestEgg work?

Watch the 90 second video for more details...


NestEgg costs: $5 per month.


Plus a $10 advance payment for Ethereum Transaction Fees (Gas).


$ 70 Per Year (USD)
  • 12 Months Cover
  • Free Inheritance Planning e-course


$ 99 2 Years (USD)
  • 24 Months Cover
  • Free Inheritance Planning e-course
Limited Time

Money Back Guarantee - Cancel Anytime

NestEgg Advantages


Signup using only an Email address. We do not ask for personal details.

Decentralised & Encrypted

Info is saved to your own ETH Smart Contract and in an encrypted file on your own PC.

Quick Setup

Complete your Handover Planning in 1 to 2 hours total. We offer a step by step guide to help.

Easy to maintain

Edits and Updates can be done in minutes online as your Portfolio changes.


Your details are shared ONLY if there is a need to share, never before.


NestEgg costs $5 USD a month. Low price, quick setup, step by step guidance.

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